Pure and simple. Looks easy? It's not. There is nowhere to hide. Perfect lighting is everything. There are no busy distractions.

I love photographing newborn babies in a way that showcases their features that make them, them. Beautifully documenting them in the most natural way. After years of dabbling, I finally landed on the style of newborn photography that I absolutely love. My style is minimalistic. Less is more. Your baby is the star of every image. I also adore capturing all their little features with my macro lens, from their tiny toes, to pouty lips, feathery eyelashes and button noses.

All my galleries are delivered in colour, together with the black and white conversions as well.

When I fell in love with photography, I was most drawn to striking high key black and white images. I can still vividly feel the calm I felt in our photography lab, developing my own roll film and printing my own images. That faint smell of the trays of developer, stop bath and fixer solutions. The gentle glow of the red light, casting just enough brightness so you could load up a strip of film into the enlarger, find the grain to focus the image, then make the exposure. That feeling of anticipation as you watch a print come to life in front of your eyes. I do pine for the days of analogue, but also very much love the instant gratification from digital media and the endless creative capabilities of photoshop.