Lullaby Images offers a bespoke newborn photography experience. You are investing in 20+ years of photography experience, artistic talent and technical expertise. We only do newborn baby photography, with specialist training and extensive photography experience in baby safety. Our newborn sessions are entirely baby-led, with the little ones’ safety and comfort at the heart of the photoshoot. Every family has their own unique story. Some blessed. Some a little more challenging. I understand the emotional and physical roller coaster that parents experience on the journey of expanding their family, which is why I offer flexibility with a range of packages. Regardless of your situation or home environment, we can have a chat and find a way to tailor a session for your family's needs. 

I am currenty on maternity leave with my second baby due in December. I will resume my newborn photography sessions after April 2021. Until futher notice, I will be only offering photography services exclusively from the Lullaby Images home studio in Clear Water Bay (while I work out balancing my time with a new baby and my three year old daughter!). Many Mamas book their sessions with me, from their second trimester, so do reach out asap, if you are interested in my services and are due from May 2021+

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