To say I had been looking forward to my newborn photography session with Baby Charlie, would be an understatement! This tiny human is the son of our close friends. As if the joy of his gender reveal wasn’t surprising enough, he was so keen to meet his parents that he was born only 4 days after our maternity photography session with his Mama, at only 36 weeks. With his early arrival in mind, we decided to wait until a little closer to his due date at the beginning of August for our newborn photography session. Giving him some time to settle in, after a short stint at the NICU at Queen Mary's Hospital here in Hong Kong.

Photography sessions with friend's littles ones are always so much fun! At our pre-session consultation we settled on a theme of natural warm tones, which wonderfully complimented his pug fur-brother’s colour. As a mum to a fur baby myself, I completely understand how important it is to capture the a beautiful 'siblings' together image. Baby safety is always my priority, so any images where there are also fur babies involved, I always plan to shoot the image safely as composite images. This is when you photograph two well planned images and merge them together in photoshop. In this session though, despite preparing for a composite ready image of Charlie with his fur brother Oliver, it totally wasn’t necessary. Oliver once again showed himself to be particularly motivated with the odd treat of the little fish variety....

I love that even at only a few days new, newborns have their own little personality traits. Baby Charlie loved having his hands up near his face. Many of his poses were guided by him, as I always work together with the bub and never against them, where he wanted to place his little fingers. There are so many images from his collection I love, but one I am so thrilled to have captured is a portrait with his Mama and Charlie looking directly at the camera (reminder, he was only 26 days new at our session!). It was a fleeting moment but that Mama and baby portrait is everything. Completely timeless. This one is going to be a heartbreaker one day, the most adorable cheeks and lips. Here are a few highlights from our session over the weekend x

I am a Hong Kong based photographer specialising exclusively in newborn and baby portraits, establishing Lullaby Images in 2016. I have extensive training in newborn baby posing and safety. I am a mum to a fiercely independent toddler who loves little adventures. With both professional and personal experience with tiny humans, baby safety and comfort is at the heart of all my photo sessions. 

I hate saying 'no'. Help me say it less by reaching out to talk about your newborn photography session well before your due date. I only take on a limited number of bookings a month and many Mama's reach out to me in their second trimester to book in their sesion.