When I started dabbling with newborn photography years back in Hong Kong, I had always planned to eventually include digital background composites into my workflow. I had so much fun playing around with digital backgrounds last year while on maternity leave. I love that I am able to offer my clients, not only the timeless style images that I am known for, but also composite images as well to add a fun range to their collections.

For client home sessions, I bring all the photography gear and newborn posing props needed for a successful newborn photography shoot. As you might imagine, it basically looks like I am moving into your home for a few weeks! It’s impossible to pack lightly. With digital background composites however, I can plan these into my workflow in advance, which later offers unlimited creativity with photoshop… without the need to bring along all the actual props to a clients home!

Ok. I know it is a bit of a cliché but they are not wrong when they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So here are a few examples of what I mean by digital background composites. In a nutshell it is where I superimpose the posed baby from our photo session, into another digital image that was previously composed and blend the two. They can be as simple as a wooden bowl prop, a colourful flower nest or hands on chin pose in a bucket…. the sky's the limit!

A newborn photo collection by Lullaby Images includes a beautiful range of timeless simple compositions, all the baby’s macro features captured, some family compositions and a few fun bonus composites.

I am a Hong Kong based photographer specialising exclusively in newborn and baby portraits, establishing Lullaby Images in 2016. I have extensive training in newborn baby posing and safety. I am a mum to a fiercely independent toddler who loves little adventures. With both professional and personal experience with tiny humans, baby safety and comfort is at the heart of all my photo sessions. 

I hate saying 'no'. Help me say it less by reaching out to talk about your newborn photography session well before your due date. I only take on a limited number of bookings a month and many Mamas reach out to me in their second trimester to book in their sesion.