This is a throwback post to one of the first babies I photographed, at the beginning of 2016. At only 10 days new he was a perfect model, enjoying a deep milk drunk sleep. His personality was already shining through. Baby T loved stretching out, over being curled up. He had the most gorgeous eyelashes that had already come out and perfect squishy cheeks. As with all the newborn sessions, I made sure to record the shape of his ears, his tiny toes and all the little details that make him unique. Being invited into his home and getting to know his parents, was a blessing. Just one of the many reasons why I absolutely love photographing newborns and doing what I do.

Looking back at these photos I am only reminded of how fast these little ones really grow. Baby T is now 6 months old already! They are only this small for so long. If you are an expecting parent, make sure to capture their precious little details today. Before you know it, you’ll feel like you have blinked and suddenly they will be walking…

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I am a Hong Kong based photographer specialising exclusively in newborn and baby portraits, establishing Lullaby Images in 2016. I have extensive training in newborn baby posing and safety. I am a mum to a fiercely independent toddler who loves little adventures. With both professional and personal experience with tiny humans, baby safety and comfort is at the heart of all my photo sessions. 

I hate saying 'no'. Help me say it less by reaching out to talk about your newborn photography session well before your due date. I only take on a limited number of bookings a month and many Mamas reach out to me in their second trimester to book in their session.