"Our family had a wonderful experience with Lu and the results truly speak for themselves. The experience as a whole from start to finish created an atmosphere in which my husband, son, daughter and I felt comfortable to express ourselves, and this shines through in the photos. The small touches (snacks for the parents and the three-year old), beer for the husband and multitude of options to keep the children entertained was a blessing. Lu captured our family beautifully, which is no easy task considering her audience – a husband who doesn’t enjoy being in front of a camera, a boisterous 3 year-old and newborn. Not an easy task. We will be forever grateful to Lu for capturing such a precious moment in our lives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lullaby Images to anyone wanting these special family moments captured forever."

- Alex Dickie

♡ ♡ ♡

I am forever grateful to clients like Alex, for taking the time to leave the most lovely words and feedback... and just for being so lovely. Whenever I send out a finished gallery, still to this day, I feel the nerves in the pit of my palms. Do you know the feeling I mean? So when I do hear back from my clients, it feeds my soul to know that they will have a collection that they will cherish for life. I am lucky to get to know many Hong Kong mamas and keep these wonderful connections going, while their family grows.

I absolutely ADORE baby Lulu's newborn photo collection. It is filled with so much love, warmth and gorgeous soft natural light. Her collection of images work so beautifully together. When her Mama contacted me and I grew to understand what type of images she was drawn to, I knew we were a perfect match. What she described was what I absolutely love to focus on and capture in my sessions. All about connection and love. The little details that make your baby, YOUR baby. Truly unique.

On a personal note, the summer holidays are finally here. Anya finished her first year of kindy. I won't lie, I was pretty emotional about it. Not as crazy as her first days of kind, those drop offs were filled with a cocktail of crazy pregnancy hormone filled emotions.... but now we are working out how to fill Anyas! I have stripped my schedule back somewhat, to enjoy more time with the family, until she is back at school again in August. With the heat, we are down paddling in the sea. With the rain, we are building forts or playing with oobleck and getting our sensory play on. Lucas has just had his 8th tooth cut through with 2 more on the way. He isn't even 7 months old yet. It's completely baffling how it can be so fast. Here's to more sunny days and less meh gloomy days.


Hi! I am Lu, a Hong Kong based photographer specialising exclusively in newborn and baby portraits from my home studio in Clear Water Bay. Lullaby Images was established in 2016 and I have extensive training and experience in newborn baby posing and baby safety. I am a mum to a fiercely independent pre-schooler and a baby boy born in December 2020. With both professional and personal experience with tiny humans, baby safety and comfort is at the heart of all my photo sessions.


I am fully booked until September 2021. Please reach out for due dates and milestones for October 2021+.


Sometimes additional photo sessions are made available at the end of the month, for the following booking month. After I have updates from my confirmed clients regarding their pregnancies and birth plans, I am sometimes able to wiggle in 1-2 more sessions. If you would like to be waitlisted for these, please do get in contact.

I hate saying 'no', so please help me say it less by reaching out to talk about your newborn photography session well before your due date. I only take on a limited number of bookings a month

and many Mamas reach out to me in their first & second trimester to book in their sesion.