We found Lu to help us take photos of our first born two years ago, she did such an amazing job that it was a no brainer for us to engage her for our second daughter's newborn photographs this time round as well. We were so stressed on our way over, just managing to get out the door with our newborn and two year old was a huge feat! But we immediately sensed a feeling of calmness once stepping into her studio. Lu has such patience and love for my two little ones, I honestly don't know how she does it, but she even managed to get my 2 year old to cooperate in taking the photos and posing with her baby sister, Melissa. And for anyone who knows Ashley, she takes ages to warm up and is super shy with people she meets- so even though Lu has been called a baby whisperer, she's more than that, she has a special way with kids of all ages. The passion Lu has for photography really shows through the actual day of shooting and the quality of the photographs she produces. We really appreciated the time Lu put in to incorporate any special requests that we had, and overall, we had such a great experience that we highly recommend her for anyone looking for a newborn photographer.
- Eveyln, Mama of baby Melissa

♡ ♡ ♡

Having your first baby is epic in every way, every hour, every minute. The full spectrum of emotions, sometimes, even though you thought it might be impossible, all at once. Then, just when you think your heart couldn't be any fuller, it grows two sizes bigger as you welcome home your second little one. You feel like you literally have your heart and soul in your arms. From that moment on, life is just on another level. It's hard to explain. A series of powerful moments that just grab hold of you. Moments that you know you want to capture, so you can have a forever snapshot into that time and place.

I could not wait to have this beautiful family back in front of my camera. These parents have the loveliest souls and it was such a true honour photographing both their gorgeous daughters over the years. One of the elements I feel truly blessed for with being a newborn and baby photographer, is connecting with individuals who are at such an incredible place in their lives. Walking on sunshine. Riding that newborn honey moon glow. It's absolutely a thing and I love photographing it in an organic way. I guide you to the good light, and capture you loving on your little ones, in a beautiful moment. It's all in the soft light and my eyes. The beauty is always in the details from the emotions and raw feelings of a time that is truly so fleeting.

Here are a few highlights from baby Melissa's newborn photoshoot at my home studio X


Hi! I am Lu, a Hong Kong based photographer specialising exclusively in newborn, baby and family portraits from my home studio in Clear Water Bay. Lullaby Images was established in 2016 and I have extensive training and experience in newborn baby posing and baby safety. I am a mum to a fiercely independent pre-schooler and a baby boy born in December 2020. With both professional and personal experience with tiny humans, baby safety and comfort is at the heart of all my photo sessions.


I am usually fully booked 3 months in advance. At this time I have bookings through until August and I am fully booked until the end of May. If you are interseted in a photoshoot, please reach out early!

If you have come across my work and want to try to book a last minute shoot,

I usually have a waitlist and will do what I can, where possible.


Sometimes additional photo sessions are made available at the end of the month, for the following booking month. After I have updates from my confirmed clients regarding their pregnancies and birth plans, I am sometimes able to wiggle in 1-2 more sessions. If you would like to be waitlisted for these, please do get in contact.

I hate saying 'no', so please help me say it less by reaching out to talk about your newborn photography session well before your due date. I only take on a limited number of bookings a month

and many Mamas reach out to me in their first & second trimester to book in their sesion.